Directions to the boat


Please read this carefully.  Finding the harbor can be confusing if you do not follow these directions.  If all else fails, refer to the map at the bottom of this page.

We are located near the Columbia Yacht Club on F Dock in DuSable Harbor.  If you are arriving by taxi or walking, the street address for DuSable Harbor is 490 E. Lower Randolph.  This is where Lower Randolph street meets the lake.  25 yards east of the concession stand, there are a series of black dock gates with letters on them.  Please wait at the 2 wooden picnic tables set up directly in front of F Dock where we will collect you.

If you are driving to the harbor, you can park in the Millennium Park Garage located underground at the intersection of Columbus and Monroe streets.  Park in the south east lot.  Exit the parking garage in the far south east corner and you will come out at the intersection of Monroe street and Lake Shore Drive.  After you cross lake shore drive, turn left to walk north and follow the bending walk path. Do not go to the Chicago Yacht Club.  You will see the large blue and white ship just ahead as you walk around the bend.  This is the Columbia Yacht Club.  Just past the ship is a series of docks each with a letter. Please wait at the 2 wooden picnic tables set up directly in front of F Dock where we will collect you.

If for some reason you decided not to follow the directions and find your self on Upper Randolph, please note this is a dead end.  There is a stairwell located on the north side of the street near 300 East Upper Randolph.  Take this down one level and walk out to the lake.